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Branfire – Source: Instagram

“The best beard oil I have ever used @ShearandShine”


Chantelle – Source: Facebook

“I got a gift set for my 14 year old son to encourage good hygiene practice. (you know teen boys and their reluctance to bathe). He opened them on his birthday and he loved them! He says and I quote “the shampoo actually washes my hair properly”. Being the only male in a house of 3 women he is usually stuck with whatever shampoo happens to be around. He loved the aftershave too. Far more grown than the Lynx sets he gets every year!


Tenika – Source: Facebook

“I bought the Adonis aftershave on the Shear & Shine website. It was a bit of a gamble because I hadn’t tested it before hand.. but the description sounded as if it would be nice. Delivery was quick and my partner and I liked the smell a lot. Very sophisticated and smooth.

I also bought their cinnamon massage oil and it was also really nice to use!”



Anonymous – Source: Customer Survey

“The Regal Beard Oil is a joy to behold. I am glad to have found a beard oil especially designed for the man. My beard has never been so soft and manageable before. I cannot recommend this product enough!



Anonymous – Source: Customer Survey

“Great products love the massage oil and beard oil



Anonymous – Source: Customer Survey

“Love the Regal Oil and the sweet smelling body massage



Anonymous – Source: Customer Survey

“On the first use of Shear & Shine’s conditioner I could feel the product working right away. It left my scalp feeling refreshed and healthy. Looking forward to continued use and seeing the results



Anonymous – Source: Customer Survey

“Great service provided by Shear & Shine. The barbers are friendly, approachable and client focused, not to mention the sophisticated and classy packaging of the products, A*



Joshua – Source: Google Review

“I had an absolutely fantastic experience at Shear & Shine. Can you imagine, going into a Afro hair barbers and not having to wait for 60% of the black male population to get their hair cut before you? Well, that’s exactly what happened to me today!!! 

My master barber was skilled, professional, approachable and he TOOK HIS TIME!!! This was the first time I had ever had my shape up done with a razor and I felt totally at ease with my barber using it because of the rapport built up from when I was greeted and directed into the chair. And the best thing was, my barber never once had to dash out and go to the caribbean takeaway to get lunch! or take a long phone call (contrary to popular belief about black barbers).

The music was great and the actual shop itself had a great atmosphere too. Shear & Shine have really set the bar high for other Afro hair barbers to now follow, the customer service is impeccable. I will definitely be getting my regular cuts here now.”



Anonymous – Source: Customer Survey

“Great products and great service. Shear & Shine are doing fantastic things and deserve every success



Anonymous – Source: Customer Survey

“The Regal Beard Oil is a joy to behold. I am so glad to have found a beard oil especially designed for the man. My beard has never been so soft and manageable before. I cannot highly recommend this product enough! 



Devann – Source: Twitter

“I collected it yesterday. Tried it today. Amazing!! The oil blend is on another level.



Madi – Source: Facebook

“Very happy to use my Shear & Shine products. UK’s first black owned grooming product brand. Be sure to check them out



Tawanda – Source: Facebook

“So it’s been a few months now since I started using Shear & Shine products.l I personally use the shampoo and conditioner as well as the pomade. Both smell great. 

I went to get my hair cut today from my usual barber. This guys been cutting my hair now for a while. While cutting my hair he says. ” Your hair looks healthy…” I said how can you tell. He tells me, “it’s thick and strong. Makes it easier to cut. Abd no dandruff. I can tell you’re treating it well”. Like I said he’s been cutting my hair for a while…

Needless to say I told him about Shear & Shine and told him where he could find their products. Before I left he reminded me, “don’t forget to text me those details yeah…” I think that tells you all you need to know about the product. No doubt I’ll be buying some more, and not just for myself either. Great product.”



Layla – Source: Facebook

“I won’t go anywhere else to buy products for O’s hair. If you are a black male I highly recommend any of the Shear & Shine products for beards, hair and body! My partners hair was coarse and dry before using this, since, his hair is soft, easier to tame and is growing so well!!! Thank you”



Cole – Source: Instagram

“I buy the beard oil for my goatee. It’s a good product 👌 small bottle but it lasts ages”



Claire – Source: Facebook

“Kings of Kings fragrance arrived today smells real good my man loves it too its a great price and service was excellent. I look forward to trying out more from the hair range of products.”



Matthew – Source: Facebook

“I’ve been using the Shear & Shine regal beard oil for two months now, thought I’d give my thoughts and it’s actually good I’m liking it and it’s brought new attention to my beard like “your beard smells nice” and “it’s got a shine to it.” so Yeah Aaron Mufasa Wallace good on you brother… Thanks”



Mr Bronson – Source: Instagram

“First ever order from@shearandshine, arrived today! Beard wax got a little beating in transit, but everything smells good, looks good, and prices are very reasonable. Support, support!”



Neville – Source: Instagram

#ShearAndShine Regal Beard Oil top of the range, specially for a black mans beard 👌🏾❤️”



Ricardo – Source: Instagram

My #ShearAndShine beard oil turned up today this stuff is legit to be fair”



Chermaine – Source: Instagram

“Received my husbands beard oil in the post today which I purchased from @shearandshine who were showcasing their mens hair care products at the #myskin event a couple weeks ago.
It has a sweet cinnamon smell to it and he absolutely loves it. We have been sold. Thank you @shearandshine 😊✌”



Eric – Source: Twitter

“Who else but are offering something specifically for me as a black man 🙌🏾



Tyrone – Source: Facebook

“Great range of products at reasonable prices. I have no complaints at all. Great quality”



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